What is Permanent Beta?

Permanent Beta provides a physical location, where people that are looking to share for sharing’s sake, meet. Not because they want something in return. Permanent beta aims to organize meetings and events to allow the participants to meet in real life and share their knowledge and insights in a setting where there’s neither a threshold nor any pretenses.

How Permanent Beta was started?

Only three years ago Permanent Beta was merely a brainwave stirring in the minds of three men on a mountain top somewhere in Austria. Currently, in 2014, the movement, starting out in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, has begun to expand rapidly. ‘Bridging Brains Tech and Culture’ is Permanent Beta’s slogan. The initiators are convinced that the most exciting developments in our society today come about when art, technology and science meet. This is where the creative and innovative ideas which contribute to solutions to every large issue of our time: education, healthcare, decentralizing government or innovation, emerge.

Who Can Participate in Permanent Beta?

The people attracted to Permanent Beta can be divided into two groups: digital avant-garde and social pioneers. Both groups consist of people who are involved in social innovation: they don’t just look at technology but also search for ways in which technology enriches people’s lives. This is where they find their common ground. They all realize that we are currently going through a new Renaissance. Permanent Beta is building bridges, allowing people from all sorts of backgrounds and with a variety of talents to inspire each other and exchange knowledge. And this is simply a good idea, because the best solutions for one discipline are often found in the realm of another discipline.

Permanent Beta Iran: Speakers

Martijn Aslander is stand-up philosopher, boardroom sparring partner co- author of the bestseller "Nooit Af". He built the largest dolmen in the world, cofounded Lifehacking.nl and Permanent Beta. Both on stage and in his publications he passionately maps technology's complex impact on society. He explains the effects of new technologies on society and the economy. 

Kim van den Berg started 5 years ago as community manager of the Permanent Beta movement in the Netherlands and in a very fast pace she learned a lot about co-creation, swarms, organizing stuff without the use of money and maybe the most important lesson of all, embracing chaos. In her lecture she will give some tips and tricks about creating your own playground.

Mohammad Sadjad Fallah

Co-Founder at Drupz

Ershad Nikkhah

Travel Blogger at Sizdahom

Emy Jamalian

QA Tester at Anetwork

Ali Kaveh

Co-Founder and Curator of

Everyday Iran

Permanent Beta Iran: Event Organiser

Permanent Beta Iran: Location And Date

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    Public Hall, AmirKabir University, Tehran, Iran
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    16 November 2017
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    17 - 19
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